Thursday, February 13, 2014


Please welcome Stronger Rx to the Battle. We are excited to have them on board. They will be providing every competitor with a 20% off gift certificate which we will drop in all swag bags.

Here is a little excerpt from their website:

About StrongerRX
First it was a vision inspired by athletes who had a vision to see the world of fitness come together and express themselves in the game of sport.To see athletes proud to wear a brand that signifies champions. Not only in the competitive area, but in the support of their community they serve and represent the best of their class. That vision was to see all walks of life experience the act of being human which is to run jump play and laugh. As in any sport, there's competition, there is sweat, excitement and glory. We are the brand that will inspire you and be with you along the way as you get faster and stronger. We ensure you have the most reliable and effective materials to help you perform and feel great as you get StrongerRx.
StrongerRx's Vision
StrongerRx was created to deliver superior performance wear for its customers and provide a sustainable source to assist communities to achieve a positive sports environment in all walks of life.
It's all about relationships and possibilities. We understand the elements of innovation and new technologies we crated to make our superior products. We focus on Sport tuned designs and continued research to achieve latest innovation in sportswear. StrongerRx continuously strives to construct the latest accessories and apparel catered to your specific sport to give you the tools fit for a champion.
Our iconic strength logo signifies the ability to achieve the continuous pursuit of becoming the ultimate athlete, while ensuring reliable performance

Visit their website at and visit and like their Facebook page at for all things Stronger Rx. A great company that we are excited about having as a sponsor for the Battle.

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