Tuesday, February 11, 2014


This is huge. Please welcome Eatology, an awesome up and coming nutritional company, to the line up of vendors with space at the Battle. They provide ready made Paleo-Zone meals via shipping, nationwide.

Here is a little bit about Eatology:

Eatology delivers gourmet, pre-packaged Paleo-Zone meals, all created from clean and natural ingredients.   Eatology Chefs prepare everything fresh and by hand in our Kitchen Studio. Our menu changes weekly and ranges from classic home-style dishes to unique cuisines with flavors from around the world. When you are ready to eat…simply heat in its container, which is both microwave and oven safe.

Once prepared and packaged, we naturally freeze the meals and ship them nationwide…right to your door!

OUR PHILOSOPY______________­­­­­­­­
We believe in fueling our bodies for optimal performance through eating clean, whole foods that are natural to our bodies. Paleo and Zone (and everything in between) are the foundation of our philosophy.  Paleo-Zone is the MOST efficient way to optimal performance and health.
We are very excited to have them on site providing samples and introducing this area to real food, real fast. Please visit their website at http://eateatology.com/ and like their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Eatology.

What an honor and we look forward to seeing you at the battle. Thanks Eatology.

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