Thursday, February 13, 2014

Only 8 days out!

Competitors, coaches, spectators, fitness enthusiasts,

All workouts are just about finalized (time caps, venue set up, that kind of thing). We ended registration with 10 Elite females, 10 Rx females, 13 Elite males, 36 Rx males, 39 Rx teams, 28 Masters men, 9 Masters women, and 83 Scaled teams. Essentially, 350 total athletes competing over three days with top notch vendors, a top notch venue, and plenty of cash and prizes. It's going to be a blast.

There will be 7 scored events (the seventh being a final) competed next weekend. The top 10 in each division will move on to said final. The Elite, Rx, and Rx teams will compete in the same final workout (slightly varied of course) whereas Masters and scaled teams will complete a different workout altogether.

On both Friday and Saturday, the line up will be as follows:
Elite first
Rx Team
Scaled Teams last

On Sunday, we may or may not turn this around:
Scaled Teams first
Rx Teams
Elite last

Friday's festivities (2) will run from 7 pm to 10:30 pm
Saturday's events (3) will run from roughly 7 am to 10 pm
And Sunday's events (2) will run from roughly 8 am to about 1 pm (with the awards immediately after)

We are finalizing the heats/schedule of events as you read this. Hopefully we will have it out to all competitors via FB, this website, and email, before the end of the week.

On Monday, the 17th, Events 1 and 2 will be revealed via Facebook, Battle website, and email. You will also be sent waivers (this is going on FB shortly after you get it) and any other pertinent information needed. The remainder of the workouts will be released as we go but we will release a ROM requirements document that will show which movements are paired and within what events. This will be released Wednesday, the 19th. Please study this document in depth.

All visiting athletes and/or spectators, both of our CrossFit affiliates will be available to you for use, at no charge, Thursday all classes and Friday morning (open gym from 5 am to 12 pm). You are more than welcome at either location, Council Bluffs - 1718 Madison Avenue or Downtown Omaha - 819 S. 7th Street

Last but certainly not least, there are a few competitors that should be recognized. Humble yet incredible. In the elite men's division, I'd like to introduce Bobby Noyce of CrossFit 515 who, as a part of his affiliate team, qualified for the 2013 CrossFit Games affiliate competition. Also in the men's elite division, Jared Stevens who owns CrossFit 417. This past year, Jared came up one spot short of qualifying for the CrossFit Games. He is definitely a very good competitive exerciser. Lastly, Jon Pingel of CrossFit Omaha has competed at the North Central Regional on CFO's affiliate team the last two years, missing qualifying for the CrossFit Games both years by a single spot.

On the ladies side, Katie Schmitz of Vise competed in the North Central Region last year as an individual and is competing on an Rx team in the Battle. Also in the Rx team division are two of Jon Pingel's affiliate teammates, Katelyn Busacker and Addi Kahrs. Addi has been a long time affiliate competitor and has qualified for the CrossFit Games on the CFO affiliate team in years past. Katelyn is new to CFO's team but brings a wealth of experience to competition as she was a competitive gymnast for the University of Nebraska.

The last person I'd like to introduce to the Battle requires her own paragraph. She is kind, humble, outgoing, and without a doubt one of the current greatest competitive exercisers, period. Her well roundedness and consistency has been nothing short of inspiring. I, as a coach, am grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part this athlete's journey to stardom. She is amazing to watch compete and we are ecstatic that she has registered to compete in the Battle. Please welcome Stacie Tovar and the rest off all the 350 athletes that will be competing in the Mid America Center next weekend. We are truly grateful.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at crossfitviseevents@gmail(dot)com. We will most likely respond immediately.

Thank you for attending our event and good luck!!!!

Ricky Frausto

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  1. Are you offering massage therapy for the athletes before, after or in between events?